Honey Bees

CNH2012A package of bees and queens has advantages for the beekeeper. You can Contact Us to “order” a package. You may also purchase bees online at: https://squareup.com/store/cascade-natural-honey/ So you know you’ve got bees coming.

At Cascade Natural Honey, our goal is to offer you the very best in package bees with emphasis on natural cell size, treatment-free management and seasonal acclimation.

A nuc is the nickname given to a “nucleus colony” or small starter hive of bees – usually five frames.  You take it home, remove five frames from your hive, replace them with the five frames and the  bees, from the nuc. Voila – instant beehive.

Pickup will be by appointment in Bellevue, WA. Typically not the first packages available.  Purposely scheduled later delivery date for more favorable queen breeding.  Local and immediate adjustment of any queen performance and warranty issues.