Nucs provided w/ Queen, in Plastic Nuc Box

Nucs with Italian or New World Carnolian Queen – Overwintered Nucleus Colony. Included is a reusable 5 frame plastic corrugated nuc box with 5 frames of drawn comb, brood, stored pollen & nectar, bees & a laying Italian queen.

Contact Us to place your order before March 25th and arrange pick up in Bellevue, WA.Choose between April 9th or 23rd for the pick up date.

Let us know if you would like the queen to be marked. Your choice of Italian or New World Carnolian queens from Heitkam’s Honey Bees in Orland, California.

Typically not the first packages available.  Purposely scheduled later delivery date for more favorable queen breeding.  Local and immediate adjustment of any queen performance and warranty issues.